Final Thoughts on DSP

As early in the morning as it was, I sincerely liked taking DSP. I think I learned more design tips and tricks in this class than any other this semester. I learned my way around programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign and how to incorporate different elements from each into one final project. I think the program I still need the most practice with is Photoshop, working with the different effects and masks. I am eager to learn more about the program, however, and I am looking forward to the soonest opportunity to do so. I have learned to enjoy importing graphics and text into an InDesign document, making sure they are all the right resolution and color mode, checking to make sure the type follows the basic typographic rules.

But in addition to learning some of the ins and outs of Adobe software, I learned how to be a designer. I learned that just knowing how to manipulate the software doesn't mean you know how to make a good design. It is the person that makes the design, not the computer. Thus, I learned how to do much of the designing process by hand: thumbnails, internal approval, marker comps, client presentation, and copy-fitting. Of these aspects, I think I need the most improvement in coming up with creative concepts and ideas quickly in the thumbnail stage. I think that this skill improved as the semester has progressed, but I am hoping to develop this skill even more in future VisCom courses. I can't wait!