Chili Cook-off

I believe that the concept behind this design was the idea of a cook-off itself, or a competition. This idea is seen in the image, which shows several ingredients for chili on a winner's stand. The hierarchy shown in the image is also applied to the layout itself. Through an excellent use of positive and negative space, the header "CHILI COOK OFF" is clearly emphasized and the focus of attention. From there, the viewer sees the appealing and slightly whimsical graphic, then the event details outlined below. The layout also uses an approximately 4-column grid, which provides balance and stability. Also important is the fact that this sketch follows the project specs: 11"x17", one color (black), and no bleed. The only suggestions I would have for improvement are to shift the words "Chili" and "Cook" in the header so that they match up with the grid structure better. Perhaps the image needs to be moved slightly as well for the same reasons. However, I do like the column of empty space on the left side of the poster. Overall, this design is eye-catching, appealing, and slightly whimsical.

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  1. okokok real real late comment. ugh, i'm so sorry!

    i'm actually pretty surprised you chose this one because well... that one was the one i was like uggghhhh i don't have anymore ideas so i'm just gonna draw some random boxes....there! kinda thing, hahaha. but true, i guess this one has the clearest header and that is very important for a poster. true, i should definately match up the grid for the CHILI and COOK. i can do that! i'm glad you liked my design. thanks for the comments!