Midterm Portfolio: Photoshop

Photo Composite
This project taught me some of the fundamentals of working in Photoshop. Who ever would have thought that there were so many steps involved in simply scanning in an image? Not I! Nevertheless, this composite taught me the ins and outs of scanning different types of images, how to edit image color modes, and refined my knowledge of making selections in Photoshop. From the original, I have made very few changes. I added a multiply layer effect to the rabbit to drop out the remaining white fills and smoothed the edge of the two girls in the bottom left by using the blur tool. This exercise gave me some of the foundational skills I would use in later projects.

Photo Retouch
I got to use my new scanning expertise for this second exercise in Photoshop in which I scanned and retouched a damaged photo. This project taught me the second main purpose of Photoshop: photo retouching and effects. The original photo, on the left, suffered from damage from age and creases in the top corner. Using selections and the clone tool, these blemishes were easily erased.

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