"Ride" Promotion Poster Thumbnails

For this project, I decided to advertise the car itself, a BMW convertible. My target audience was wealthy, upper-class women. Therefore, I wanted to portray the car as luxurious and elegant. To do this, I used rich colors like purples and fonts that would give the words an elegant, special feel.

Of the ten thumbnails I originally made, this is the design that will be carried on into further production. It was chosen for several reasons. First, this design has the most interesting concept. I liked the idea of a get-away during the otherwise hectic day. Also, my classmate, Erin, liked the contrasting fonts, which emphasizes the idea of a tropical escape. She thought the colors used lead to this concept as well. She also provided several helpful suggestions for improvements or ideas to experiment with when taking this design further into production. I thought she had some really good, insightful ideas and I am eager to experiment with them and see how they could turn out.

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