Midterm Portfolio: InDesign

Magazine Spread Rebuild

At first, I thought this project would be easy, a no-brainer. Scan in some images, type up the copy, put them together, and Tada! But very soon I saw that I was very wrong! Troubleshooting a scanner that was acting up was the first of my troubles. There, finally! The images were scanned into Photoshop and saved as .tiff files. Now, just type up the copy, flow it through 4 columns, and I’m done! Little did I know…Trying to find matching fonts was easy compared to trying to deconstruct the settings the original designer had set for the type. Leading, kerning, tracking…what did all this mean? As I experimented, I finally got a feel for what each of these typesetting terms meant and how changing each specifically altered the block of copy. In addition for starting to give me an understanding of typography, this project gave me a deep respect for the typesetters whose work I have so long taken for granted! From the original, I cleaned up my links: changing some from RGB to CMYK mode, cleaning up the backgrounds, and making sure they were all .tiff files before finally re-linking them.

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