Dummy Disappointments

Today we turned in the printed, dummied pamphlet for Marceline, hometown of Walt Disney. However, I was disappointed with how mine turned out. The printing process went smoothly, and I was excited to put it together after seeing how well the individual pages printed out. It was going to look great! First thing, I spray mounted the two pages back-to-back. I think at this point I must not have lined them up exactly right. Because then, after carefully trimming off the bleeds (based on the inside spread), the outside looked a little off. Oh well, nothing I could do about it then. Much to my dismay, I then realized that because they were off by just a tiny fraction of an inch, the folds would not line up correctly. I had to choose, did I fold based on the inside spread or the outside? I chose the inside so that the copy would not get cut off by any of the folds. Later, however, after the deed had been done, I realized it would have been better to fold to the outside. The paper I used was probably too thick for a double-sided pamphlet as well, which added to the folding difficulties. Oh well, lessons learned for next time I guess...

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