Marceline Marker Comp

My goal with this project was to target an audience of families with young children who, like most kids, are interested in Disney movies. The idea behind this brochure then was to catch their eye and attract these young families to Marceline, MO. Having younger siblings as well as (like most people) once being a kid myself (maybe I still am...) I know that the bright colors and the big, bold, iconic Mickey Mouse graphic would grab the attention of most little kids, who would take the brochure to their parents and beg to go there. Bingo. Goal accomplished.

However, this brochure is attractive to the parents who can read, unlike their small children only interested in the pretty pictures. I wanted to keep the layout simple so that busy parents can find the information they want quickly. The typeface used for the headers clearly identifies with Walt Disney, in case the Mickey ears weren't enough. There is also a hierarchy shown in the way the pamphlet is opened. First, the reader sees some of the Attractions, as well as Local Attractions and Accomodations. This tells the reader why he should come to Marceline. The next panel opened tells about the special Festivals that take place in Marceline as well as information on a Group Tour. Finally, after being convinced that Marceline, MO is his next vacation destination, the reader flips to the back, where he is told how to get there.

A few notes on the construction: The white rectangles are placeholders for photographs or a map on the "Getting There" panel. The "Local Attractions/Accomodations" panel has no photographs. Because the blocks of copy on that panel will be more like lists than paragraphs, I copy-fitted for the number of lines I knew would be there, not necessarily how long each line will be. I am excited to move this pamphlet into final production and see the end result.

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