Mickey Marceline

These are the color thumbnail comps I created for the pamphlet featuring the small town of Marceline, MO, the childhood home of Walt Disney. I had a different concept for each.

thumbnail 1
For thumbnail 1, I wanted to show that Disney's idea of Mickey Mouse grew out of Marceline. Therefore the front panel shows a hole in a baseboard, such as a mouse might live in. The inside spread shows the growing up, or evolution of Mickey Mouse, showing that Disney grew up in Marceline.

thumbnail 2
In this design, I wanted to portray the idea of Marceline as a destination with small-town-America charm. I used postcards to portray this. Each postcard was to present a different image of the attractions of Marceline. The red, white, and blue color scheme further promotes the idea of a small, patriotic town. The man featured on the inside spread represents a photograph of Walt Disney himself.

thumbnail 3
This concept shows Disney's original trademark: film. Each block of copy is shown as a portion of a film strip. I used only black and white to keep the layout simple and unconfused.

thumbnail 4
This design mimics a map of the Disneyland theme parks. The inside spread features a map of Marceline, with callouts describing each attraction while also pointing out its location. Again, a patriotic color scheme was utilized to emphasize the small-town-America feel.

thumbnail 5
This is the design that, after discussion with my classmate Danielle, I have decided to carry further into production. I chose this one because it is simple, but eye-catching and appealing. It utilizes a silhouette of the classic Mickey Mouse ears as a motif throughout. My goal in this layout was to appeal to young families who might have children interested in Disney.

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