Ride Promotion Poster Comp

I made several significant changes from my original thumbnail design for this half-size, full color marker comp. Most of these changes were suggestions made by Erin when choosing the design that I would carry further into production. She suggested adding small, tropical images into the cloud shapes to further the concept of a tropical vacation. I have added graphics of flip-flops, a hammock and a palm tree, a person watching the sunset on the beach, and small sea creatures in the tide. I plan to create these graphics in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Creating this comp was different in several ways. First, it was in color, which I found harder to work with. Because my car illustration that I had to work with already existed, some colors were chosen for me. The car I had previously created is silver, but because I did not have a silver or gray marker, I used a light blue to represent the silver car. Because color was more difficult to work with, I was very glad that this comp was only half-size, therefore taking much less time than it otherwise would have!

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