Fishing Comp

Many, many, many, many hours went into the final marker (or rather, colored pencil in this case) comp for the fishing magazine layout. I decided to use colored pencils so that I could be more precise in re-creating the photographs I had found to use for this project. This was the first time I had used them for a project, so I experimented a little before getting to work on the final project. Overall, I think the images look good. I think my favorite part is the fish coming up off the bottom corner on the second page of the spread.

I think the copy-fitting was pretty successful. However, after penciling in the paragraphs for 2/3 of the copy, I realized I had forgotten one of the subheads and had to start over to add it in. Shoot. Hopefully remembering details like that will come more naturally soon.

I am glad now that I realized before this comp that the photograph I had originally intended to use for the header was too small in resolution to use at the size I needed. Although I don't like this second photograph as well as the first, I think it will still look pretty good. The photograph of the fishing lures currently has a colored background, but I haven't decided if I want to include it in the background or C.O.B it. Maybe I'll experiment a little and see which looks better in the final production.

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