Fishing Thumbnails

I thought that this project was interesting: design a layout targeting and audience of the opposite sex. Personally, I don't know many guys that are too big on fishing, but I still had fun researching something a little different. For this layout, I found some really great photography to incorporate. I especially like the photo used as a background for the header in the first thumbnail. My tiny marker comp of it does not do it justice. But I really think it will look good. That is the design that will be carried further into production -- next with a marker comp, then the final production using the software. Another feature of this design that my classmate Danielle liked was the pull quote on the second page. She also liked that about the thumbnail right under the final one.

I really liked the fish illustration I found, so it is incorporated in several of the layouts. Also, I liked experimenting with blocks of color to break up the page. I did a tiny bit of preliminary copy-fitting, and I believe that the copy would fit nicely into all of these layouts, and will look great in the one I will be carrying on to completion.

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